Sushi Changes

Sushi on 11/14/2007Does my sushi plate look different to you? Well it doesn’t necessarily taste different to me or might not look out of the ordinary for you, but it’s actually completely different. George-san, my resident sushi chef, the one who’s been fixing my meals weekly for the last, oh, maybe two years, has left No Name Sushi!

Apparently there’s some drama going on with the boss NOT paying her workers, and George-san hadn’t been paid in a while. Undeniably, he was getting fed-up, and rightfully so. It just sucks because he added so much to the place, and the new chef doesn’t look at friendly. I only hope my sushi-lady, Hiroko-san, doesn’t leave. I may just be forced to find a new weekly regular restaurant spot.

This is so telling of what’s going on in the world in general. Lots of changes happening. Does the sushi taste the same? Yes. Is it better than George-san’s? Well, I suppose that’s yet to be determined.

Sushi on Halloween

Sushi on Halloween 2007Karla and I had reunion sushi at No Name on Halloween night.

We situated ourselves next to the window, so that I could easily run outside with my big bag of candy if I saw any kids walk by. It kinda worked, but I also looked really strange when I ran out of the restaurant and yelled at families with “Hey, I have candy!!! Come back!” or a couple of times, “Hey, tengo dulces!” LOL

Good times.

Sushi on October 17, 2007

Sushi on October 17, 2007I know this isn’t the best picture quality (it’s from my camera phone), but I wanted to show the artistry and care that George-san, my sushi cafe, puts in the food that he makes me every Wednesday night.

Background: I eat at No Name Sushi every Wednesday (unless I’m out of town), and I literally order the same thing every time I am there. It’s so routine, that Hiroko, the waitress, doesn’t even take my order. She just puts my order in immediately when she sees me walk in, or if I am with people, she takes their orders and then automatically writes mine down.

Anyway, my usual order is a salmon don(buri) and 3-piece maguro sashimi. Each week for the past 3 months, George-san has been making my “usual” in different ways, so I think I’m going to take a picture of it each time, and post it up. This was tonight’s dinner!