The Surprising End of Utada

Don’t be alarmed. I realize that most of the people I work with (whether it’s adults or kids) know that I was in car accident on Sunday, March 23, 2008. I failed, however, to really let anyone else know, and instead became kind of a hermit about it, which is my tendency.

Without going into too many details, here’s what happened: Some guy ran a red light and caused our cars to collide. I hit him with my front end, which collapsed like an accordion. His Mercedes SUV was barely dented on the drivers side (apparently these luxury vehicles are tanks).

Miraculously, all those involved walked out of their cars. Save for some bumps, bruises, burns and back/neck pain, I walked away relatively unscathed–especially in comparison to the fateful March 6, 2002 accident in LA. No doubt I have angels watching over and protecting me, and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m currently still processing the whole event as a myriad of emotions have been swelling inside my head including but not limited to anger, gratitude, fear, and shock. I want to thank everyone who has called, texted, emailed, stopped by, hugged, dropped off wine/chocolate/brownies/flowers, or simply just asked how I was feeling. Again, my tendency is to be a hermit (I took the days off on Monday and Tuesday and watched the entire season of Firefly on, but that’s another story), but it helps to process the event with people.

Regarding my beloved Honda Element, Utada, word from the garage is that she’s a total wreck, but I’m still waiting to hear back from AAA’s damage appraiser. Sad. She definitely had a good run.

Thanks, everyone.

UPDATE (3/28/2008): Got word from Paul, the AAA appraiser, this morning that she’s a total wreck. Will commence car hunting this weekend. Feelings are bittersweet.

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