Happy 50% Off Valentine’s Day

My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is that all the good dark chocolate that they don’t sell before the day gets sold for 50% off or more.

And believe me when I say that I am definitely taking advantage of this because even if the chocolate is clad in red hearts and images of cupid, it still tastes like bittersweet cocoa goodness.

Silly consumers and their full-price paying selves. 😉

Trying something new

I have not been posting on my beloved efozzie.com recently because:

A) I have been ridiculously busy (i.e. I barely go to sleep before 1 am, I never have time to sit and read or watch TV, work has been super awesome and consuming, there’s just way too much to do in San Francisco).

B) Posting is a chore; my old site was powered by pmachine, which has been awesome because of how much I can customize it and control it, but at the same time cumbersome because of how hard it is to use.

C) I have been lazy.

D) I guess I haven’t had time to reflect and write about it.

Thus, I have been thinking of creative ways to make life easier for myself and exploring easier ways to post. I first started out by testing out blogger, typepad and other solutions. And really it all boils down to simplicity vs. control. Would I rather have ease of use or the ability to have cool gizmos and other neato things on my site?

I’m going to try out simplicity to see if I like it more. And as you can see, this is quite stark in comparison to my old site, but hopefully I’ll be able to update it more often because of how much easier it is to use.

Here are the pros:
+ It’s easier for you to leave a comment because you don’t have to sign in or be a member.
+ I can email posts up from my Treo.
+ There’s an atom feed and I will set up an RSS feed soon.
+ I don’t have to update all the blog software and relearn entire languages to make everything look current.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon. 😉