I was evicted! Here’s how you can help

folsom st

This entrepreneurial life is like a roller coaster. After some great highs this summer, I recently hit a low.

After a year of living in my charming home in the Mission District, someone bought our building and is moving in — effectively kicking me and my roommates out. Since my current home is rent controlled, it has worked perfectly for my startup budget. I literally cannot afford anything more than the rent I’m paying now. Devastated, I’ve been holding onto this news for about two weeks because I quite frankly am scared about the implications of finding a new place to live.

Have you been on the Craigslist SF Housing/Rental section lately? It’s a scary, gentrifying world out there. San Francisco, I want to love you and live with you so bad, but you’re making it so hard.


I have about a month left in my home — until October 15. And here’s where I turn to you, my friends, and ask you for your support.

  1. Do you have a friend who is looking to fill an empty room in their SF home? Please let me know about them! I got my place now because of a referral from a dear friend.
  2. Can you recommend a good tenant lawyer for me? My roommates have been to the Tenants Union, and by now we’re experts at eviction laws and relocation fees, but I need professional help at this point.
  3. Do you have some space or a garage where I could possibly store a few boxes while I’m in between homes?

Thanks to my loved ones (especially Sean, my bf) and friends who’ve already shown a huge outpouring of love during this stressful time period. Your support means the world to me.

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