End of the Year Check-in 2009

The goal is just a blip. I was reminded about that at yoga. When you master your mind you’ll realize the pose (e.g. your goal) doesn’t matter. Getting fixated on a goal closes our minds to all other possibilities of surpassing that small blip (the goal). Dropping the fixation lets us move through the world with greater ease, and gives us a better capacity to help others. Goals are useful, but they’re not the end-all and be-all.

2009 was my year of the Epic Journey. There were so many blessings this year that that acted like a domino effect. When one door opened, yet another window opened. It was a journey into receiving a ton of love from the universe and from God. It was sometimes heart-wrenching, other times incredibly joyful, but through it all, I definitely felt loved and gave love. I deepened friendships to levels that I didn’t know existed, and I formed family bonds that I only dreamed of. In a word, 2009 was a blessing. Here’s a quick run down of the events:

  • Getting my citizenship!!!
  • Lots of traveling! Two trips to Chicago, two trips to DC, two trips to Vegas, and two trips to LA
  • Epic trip to the Philippines with my brother
  • Grandmother’s 80th birthday in the Philippines
  • Cousins bonding trip to Bohol Island
  • Amazing trip to Australia
  • Cousin Michael’s Wedding in Sydney
  • Karla’s wedding to herself in DC
  • Rap directing at USC again with Salina and UC Merced with Danny
  • GLAAD Media Awards with Jim Freeman and Professor Ben (Robert Gant) from Queer as Folk
  • Intimate 10 Year High School Reunion with JARK
  • Natasha’s Trojan Wedding
  • Singing in a trio at SFGMC’s Home for the Holidays concert on my birthday!
  • Attending Memorial services for Michael Jackson and old high school teacher, Ms. Van Hunnick

Here’s my annual update on New Years Goals from 2009:

  1. Spend more time with family membersAbsolutely, yes!
  2. Improve my Tagalog comprehension and speaking abilities so that I can hold a conversation with my grandmotherYes!
  3. Get more involved and make a positive impact in the gay community by doing gay rights advocacy workNo, this was one of the goals that I wish I wanted to do, but sadly just didn’t commit to.
  4. Improve my singing abilities and sing a solo at a concertYes, sort of. At SFGMC’s Holiday Concert, I sang in a trio.
  5. Do relief work in a developing countryNo, another one of those timing things.
  6. Fall in love and be in a committed, loving relationshipSort of. Definitely was heartbroken.
  7. Strengthen myself spiritually, mentally, and physically by practicing yoga more deeply and seriouslyYes! I practiced almost 3 times a week

Out of my eight goals, I accomplished about six of them. Again, I realized this year that I did not focus so much on the actual goals, but the journey that I took. And what a journey it has been. Any year where I spend more than 25% of it on a sabbatical, live 2 out of 12 months out of the country, and get my American citizenship after 19 years is automatically an awesome year… probably one of the best ever.

How exactly will 2010 be able to top 2009? I’ve got some ideas already in mind, and if all goes according to plan, then 2010 could be even more epic.

Farewell 2009, you have been amazing and full of surprises, and 2010, I welcome you and all of your challenges and promises with open arms!

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