Thanks for the responses!

I received several responses to my previous post about my dad’s email… even an email from my dad! My next step is definitely to give him a call because emails don’t really get to the heart of the matter.

Here are snippets of some of my favorite responses:

From Billy:


From Doug:

Start by addressing his cynicism that only rich politicians should be elected. EEEEEK. and, hello, the US political system is very different from that of the Philippines. What’s sad is that he doesn’t believe in the whole system. Does he realize the way the Republicans have basically supported only the very wealthy, have undermined the middle class and the poor, and have exacerbated the inequities in our society and that TRICKLE-DOWN DOESN’T WORK!!!

From Michael:

Rey, you should realize that you are very lucky because even though your dad and you aren’t on the same page, you get to disagree with them.

And many of my one-on-one conversations with people have garnered this common response: “Yea, my parents are voting Republican, too.” At least I’m not alone…

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