Help! My dad wants to vote for McCain!

The video should be the correct one now…

The video above was actually cut off in the process of uploading to Revver, so I’ve uploaded a new one, but it’ll take a day or so to get approved. Stay tuned for the full video!

Check out my first vlog/video rant about how my dad is a wannabe Republican, and how he is planning on voting for McCain.

Read his emails after the jump:

Email 1:

Here is one of the reasons why we are not for Democrats although we are not Republicans either. Obama reminds me of the Philippine election (third world style of politics for that matter). I grew up hearing every new politician promising CHANGE. They get voted, even if they are not capable nor have no resources and abilities except the right to blame the previous government. Then they realize they have to be rich too. They start taking over the interest of established population and businesses. That is why the Philippines is poor all the way to the roots except for the few who know how to buy politicians. Obama does not have the right friends and enough cabinet members even if he means good. Michelle and Barack are considered poor by today’s standard and would easily be manipulated by the rich Dems whose only reason why they allowed Obama to run against Hillary is because they did not think he would be this popular (among young people and people who blame the govt.).

The people who appear to be behind him are adversaries like Hillary and alll die-hard Dems who are mostly LAWYERS. King, I am happy you are emotional about your politics but you have to allow other people to have their own reasons. We have been working so hard and did not cheat any body to get where we are. We did not participate in the house flipping business and speculatory investing that Obama voters got into, that is why many of them are now broke and blaming Bush for it. Your Mom & I have the right to protect what we have left, by not believing in Obama’s change. And so are the people we know who have assets left. Change is inevitable no matter who is elected. Obama’s change is too scary and he is too shady for us. The people who back him up are either have nothing to loose and have political motives like Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

People should start looking at the reason why they are in huge debt. Why they used their credit cards for luxuries? Why they bought multiple homes when they only need one or can hardly afford to buy one? Californians and other Vegas visitors spoiled the Vegas housing market big time. But that is another story.

By the way, where are the people driving their Escalades & Hummers while sporting their Louis Vuitton bags? They do not come to Vegas anymore. They used their California home equities and credit cards to buy luxuries instead of putting down payments or pay mortgages on their homes in Vegas. Now, they lost everything and blame it on the Government. Now, they want CHANGE. They are back to the third world mentality. They even include people like us and declare Asian Americans are for Obama, when we are not all for Obama.

My final thought…If I want to practice third world politics, I would go back to the Philippines.

Email 2:

 Obama would win…….I can see why Obama would win. The emotions young people and naive kids like Cathy have on this election would make a big difference. Never in the history of US politics that young people who are confused and disgruntled with their lives are tapped for the purpose of advancing a political goal. We see that young people who watch MTV and VH1, who never get involved with politics turned into “cool” citizens. They made it sound cool if they participate in the so called CHANGE. Question is, is it really COOL? Why do we have to put our future in the hands of politicians? Why not start blaming ourselves, take some of the blame and be brave. Let us not put our future in jeopardy by trusting it to a politician. They can vote for Obama but they have to make sure they do something because he is bad for them, our future.
As I have said, Obama would win because there are so many people who are now considered poor and are taught to blame the current administration but now to take blame on the greed and own stupidity. We are as guilty as the Wall Street managers and the politicians for the mess we are in. California visitors took equity money from their over priced homes with the intention of putting down payments on Las Vegas houses, ended up not paying their mortgages. They bought luxuries and lived beyond their means and because they felt good driving Lexus & Louis Vuitton bags they really can not afford. Many new graduates owe money on their college loans and credit cards because their parents did not help them. They drove their Lexus and Hummers instead of helping their children through college.  Now, they blame the administration. We are sad because our child is so into Obama, he does not see his success and his status as the product of hard working parents, not “hand over” economy.
Your loving parents.

2 thoughts on “Help! My dad wants to vote for McCain!”

  1. Rey, I’m impressed with your video-making abilities, and I just wanted to let you know I’ll be sharing this. My parents have some pro-McCain leanings, too. Sigh.

  2. It’s interesting that Nevada has a large number of Ron Paul supporters – I think for many of the reasons that your Dad listed. There’s an interesting article on Obama by The New Yorker ( that gives more background on how ambitious Obama is. I think Obama is really a consummate politician (one writer said that he’s better than Bill Clinton, because Obama can fake sincerity, ouch), but at the end of the day, hopefully one that will bring a more moderate approach to things.

    The decline of the middle class is a very unfortunate event (along with traits like accountability), and I hope that changes soon.

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