College Summit on PBS

I know I just blogged about how people are watching TV less, but I just couldn’t resist this one (besides it’s on PBS, and you can access it on the interwebs).

PBS’s NOW show (a national news show) has tracked a handful of College Summit students in Denver, Colorado over the past year from a CS workshop to the present. The spot really highlights some of the challenges students go through on a daily basis and how the students have overcome those challenges to move onto higher education, with College Summit’s help, of course. And it showcases JB Schram (“National Education Expert,” according to the NOW anchor, hehe), College Summit’s founder and CEO, talking about the nation’s pressing need for a college-going culture. It was great to hear him talk about CS making an impact on a national scale.

If I haven’t sold the program enough, check out the show by clicking on this link (once you are at the PBS website, the video is on the right-hand column). I have been eagerly awaiting this spot to come out on TV since last summer when Karla told me that they were going to film HER workshop in Denver… and you actually get to see Karla in her element for a minute in the show!

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