Hybrid Hunting – Vote for my next car!

Because I live 35 miles from my place of work, East Palo Alto, having a car is a necessity. I have about a week left before my insurance replacement is done, thus, I have a week to shop for a new car.

My top two priorities in looking for a new car are:

  1. Safety
  2. Good fuel economy
  3. My secret third requirement is space! I can’t be cramped.

With all of that said, I’ve set up a poll to ask people what kind of car I should buy next. Let me know what you think by voting!

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What car should I buy?

Toyota Prius

Honda Civic Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid

Honda Insight (Used. 2000-2006 only)

Smart Fortwo

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2 thoughts on “Hybrid Hunting – Vote for my next car!”

  1. I’d personally go for the smart, unless you’ll ever need to carry two 3+ people or a living room set.

    Even though it doesn’t look it, it’s quite safe for its size, because of the steel cage (Tridion cell, as smart calls it) – the silver within the blue in that picture is part of it. (There’s many crash test videos on YouTube…)

    It actually has worse fuel economy than the Prius. . .in the city (and the Prius has worse highway mileage). Since you’ll be driving 35 miles for work, that’s probably not bad.

    I’ve seen a few pictures and videos and read a few accounts about how decievingly spacious it is inside, for even a 6’er.

    The only thing to consider about all that highway driving is that I’ve heard it’s quite bumpy at highway speeds, which’d be annoying to feel daily. Perhaps test drive one first if you’re interested in it, if there’s any dealers around.

    (Just to note, I’ve never actually driven one, but I’m simply fascinated with the car and have learnt a fair amount as I want to own one some day. The only thing I can say for any of the other hybrids, is about the Prius’ worse gas mileage.)

  2. Rey! My dad has a Toyota Prius, and I love it. It’s definitely spacious (for both driver and passengers) and you can fold the back seat down for an extra long trunk/storage if needed. I love when he goes out of town and lets me drive it for the week. Get it!! 🙂

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