Babies Are Resilient

Last Sunday night, I had a series of three dreams, two of which I want to share with you here. They’re actually kind of short so here goes:

Dream 1

I was taking care of a baby. My baby. (By the way, in real life I don’t have one.) The baby (he must’ve been less than a year old) and I were outside and going for a walk; he in his stroller, and I walking at a nice, calm pace. All of a sudden, the sky turns Raingrey, a harsh wind begins to blow, and huge drops of rain begin to pour down on us. I was completely unprepared! I didn’t know that there was a chance of rain, and I had no umbrella.

My first thought was to protect the baby because the stroller didn’t have a rain hood, and the baby was in danger of getting wet. So I pick up the baby from the stroller, and begin to place the baby underneath my shirt to shield the baby from the rain.

Now this is all well and good, and the baby is pretty dry, but as soon as I look down to see the baby, he starts to shrink! Yes, shrink! The normal baby-sized baby now is about the size of my hand or palm, which is convenient for my shielding efforts.

Dream 2

Dream 2 was more like my conscious self stepping out of Dream 1, realizing that it was a dream, and then analyzing that dream. Anyway, in Dream 2 I interpreted that Dream 1 was about a rebirth and a new beginning particularly because the baby was in that dream. I also interpreted that the baby was really a symbol of me–e.g. it was a symbol of MY rebirth and my new beginning.

Alex’s Interpretation

I was kind of excited to have this lucid dream (Dream 2). I don’t think I had ever had a dream where I knew that I was dreaming and that I was analyzing it critically. A few days later, I was sharing the dream with my friend Alex, who has this gift of enlightenment that many people are drawn to, and she gives me a different twist to the interpretation of my first dream. She explained that maybe the rain was a symbol of a challenge, and the baby, yes, the baby was still symbolic of me. Well, when I take the baby out of the stroller and shield him from the rain, what I am inadvertently doing is shielding the baby from the challenge, and so the baby shrinks… it doesn’t grow, it does the opposite.

What does this mean? Well clearly it shows that perhaps I should not shield myself from any impending challenges because it will thwart my opportunities for growth. I shouldn’t stifle my own growth and development. Yes, the baby symbolizes and is a harbinger for new beginnings, and perhaps I have some new beginnings to look forward to. I just hope that I have the sense to take make the right choices so that I can face these challenges head on.

Moral of the story: Babies are resilient!

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