Rap Director Training – Behind the Scenes

Little can be said about the secret rituals behind the training of a Rap Director… but I have some exclusive pictures from my two-week training back in June. If you remember, the training took me first to Baltimore, Maryland, then Virginia to Fredericksburg and then Williamsburg. I got to know nice other trainees extremely well (some would say too well), and more importantly, I got to know myself more.

I can easily attribute my recent success with BUILD’s Boot Camps to this training as it has made me a better facilitator.

Anyway, here are some choice pictures from the action-packed, tiring, and life-changing two weeks of training.

Ashlee and Rey Rap Directing
Ashlee and I at Morgan State University (showing off our lipgloss… yes it’s poppin!)

The Lovely Ladies of the Tentative Ten
The Lovely Ladies of the “Tentative” Ten (we have yet to have a real team name)

Back of the van with Daphne, Rey and Joell Middle of the car with Latoya and Mercedes
We drove around a lot in these big vans… That’s Daphne, me and Joell in the back and Latoya and Mercedes in the middle.

Daphne, Oudete and Kristen at dinner Joell having fun on Walmart's pony

Rogelio's birthday dinner and dessert Mercedes being a model

Daphne... being exposed Happy Birthday Rogelio!
Daphne being exposed, and Rogelio’s birthday surprise.

Having way too much fun with cupcakes on Rogelio's birthday
Having way too much fun with cupcakes on Rogelio’s birthday

Is Joell licking Mercedes's face??? Ashlee cleaning up her cupcake-y mess
Cupcake madness!!!

Daphne after being attacked by a cupcake Post-Fountain Jump
Post-Fountain Jump

Fountain Jumping
Fountain Jumping Part 2. I know it’s dark, but it’s worth the squint to see us.

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