It’s days like today that make me love what I do.

Executive Leadership Circle 2007

I (along with Randy and Amber) facilitated our second annual training for the Executive Leadership Circle (ELC), which is basically the leaders of all of our students leaders. And I really feel like they understood the gravity and responsibility of being a leader and a role model. We spent the morning at Parnassus Investments, an SF company. A friend of mine from the Chorus hooked us up with a board room that overlooks SF Bay… you can see all the way from Alcatraz to the San Mateo Bridge. It was GORGEOUS. Right before we left the board room, I had the students line up against the window. I told them to look out to a point that they liked, and told them, “Take this moment in. Think 15 years from now… this can be the view from your office.” And I really feel like they believed it, which makes me happy.

Here’s another pic of the whole group, including Jim, who works at Parnassus standing next to me.
ELC at Parnassus

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