Birthday Presents

Since my birthday falls the day before Jesus’s, my parents usually have a Christmas Eve party, and they invite all of their friends and neighbors over to celebrate. It’s usually a cute little event with lots of excellent food. [Side note: my brother made this awesome chicken cordon bleu]

Anyway, I don’t expect people to bring me presents, even though it’s my birthday, because A) I don’t really know them and B) having a Christmas Eve birthday means it’s overshadowed by another big event and I’m used to that. But apparently my parents told them that it was also a party for me (complete with cake and all!), so I was not expecting this cute little elderly couple to bring me a present. The couple, my parents neighbors, must have been in their late 60’s or early 70’s.

I first picked up the package and opened up the attached card, and knew that this must have been a very special present because their handwriting was all cute and elderly-like. You know what I’m talking about. The cute old people writing that’s all shaky and arthritic. God love old people and their cute handwriting. But I can just imagine them sitting there writing “Happy B-day” for 5 minutes. Either way, I appreciate the sentiment in just the card alone.

And now for the main event: the gift. let’s just preface this by saying that I was so amused that one of my parents’ guests would actually get me a present in the first place, so it didn’t matter what the present was. Curiosity came over me as I unwrapped the package, and revealed a…

Portable CD Player!

It was so awesomely hilarious!!! I don’t know what I was expecting as I was unwrapping the present, but I sure know that it was not a CD player of any sort.

Things running through my head:

  • Aww how cute of them to get me a CD player. Little do they know, I have two ipods and have absolutely no use for a CD player especially since I barely own any CD’s. Hello! I’m a child of the Napster generation!
  • I’ve actually never owned a CD player in my life, and I remember back in high school, I would actually want a CD player. But alas, that technology inevitably became obsolete next to digital music.
  • I imagined them walking into a Best Buy or a Target and picking out the CD player, and thinking in their heart of hearts that it was the coolest and most high tech present ever.

So I decided that when I get older and when I feel the need to give presents out, I will give out books because those are pretty universal… unless, 50 years from now books are replaced with digital books, which is actually very likely. Alas, I love technology.

Other gifts of note: my parents got me a blood pressure travel monitor for my birthday! Haha, I’m not kidding. And yes I’ve been using it.

I love this time of year. 😉

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