The funny thing about stress

I realized today that I have been stressed without even realizing it. Some symptoms that just happened today:

Emotional eating
I inhaled a gigantic meal at our local favorite Jamaican restaurant, Back-A-Yard, in about 7 minutes. Usually, I can’t even finish the entirety of a jerk salmon combo plate in one sitting and would have to save half of it for later.

Migraine / Headaches
As I was driving and running errands, my eyes kept squinting at the abrasive sunlight, which normally would have been fine. Then my head started to hurt because of the light sensitivity.

My eye and my scar has been twitching for the last 2 weeks!

Although I feel like I’ve been getting adequate rest lately, I felt thoroughly exhausted, especially when my students arrived with their bustling energy in the afternoon.

The really bad thing is that I’ve been feeling this way, and the stress has been such a normal part of my life that I didn’t even realize anything was wrong.

My big event is tomorrow, BUILD’s 4th Annual Holiday Sales Bazaar. Last year’s event was a smashing success, and I have no doubt that tomorrow’s will be fantastic also. All of the details are covered, mostly thanks to Alison, incubator program assistant, so really I have nothing to stress about. My body, on the other hand, just doesn’t seem to get that though.

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