The Horrible Fall and the Triumphant Return of Utada

I’ve been leaving this out of my blog for a while out of fear for any legal ramifications, but I feel that now I can safely assume that everything is fine and this information should be OK to post.

Several weeks ago, my brother took Utada, my beautiful Honda Element, out on a joyride without telling me. Actually this happened at 4 am on the morning that he was supposed to drive me to my office in East Palo Alto (about 35 miles away from where we live in San Francisco) because at 6 am I was supposed to be on a bus headed to LA with 25 of my kids. So here I was waking up at 4:30 am to get ready to go on our LA College Tour, and I go to find my brother but he wasn’t in his room. I call him and he gives me the horrifying news that a De Soto taxi ran a red light and hit him on the passenger side.

Thankfully, and I praise the Lord, no one was injured. However, Utada was not driveable, and I still had to be in East Palo Alto by 6:00 am. An $85-taxi ride later, I make it to East Palo Alto on time to go on the 4-day trip.

I realized that there was no use being upset with my brother because:
A) He would just play the I’m-upset-that-you’re-upset-at-me game, and would nullify my reason for being upset
B) Getting hit by the taxi wasn’t necessarily his fault, except for the fact that he was not allowed to use my car, and if he hadn’t been driving around, it never would have happened
C) Even if I got upset over it, that would change anything and would not help the situation.

So I decided to just let him handle everything from taking care of the insurance to taking care of the repairs. And since he’s a grown-ass adult, I figured he would be able to take care of everything.

Well, all I have to say is thank the Good Lord for insurance because if it weren’t for AAA, I don’t know who would’ve paid $8,500 for the repairs it took to fix my crumpled side doors, broken front axel and everything else.

And now after a few weeks of having my repaired car back, it doesn’t even look like anything happened at all to it! Good job Matt’s Auto Body.

Anyway, I’m ranting now, but I thought I’d just give you a slice of what I’ve been having to deal with in the past few weeks… and hopefully you’ll forgive me for not writing in my blog recently.

More to come soon.

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  1. I just read this. Thank you for not being so upset with me. I just want to mention again how sorry I am for my carelessness. I love you!

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