Monte Bello Open Space Reserve Hike

The picture to the left is kind of crappy, but my Minolta batteries died, so I had to use the crappy camera on my Treo.

Went hiking at the Monte Bello Open Space Reserve today with some friends. This spot is located about 20 minutes west of where I work in East Palo Alto, and is actually a part of Palo Alto. It was gorgeous and the day was sunny off and on with no rain at all. It was still really chilly, but it was just nice to be out in nature, breathing some fresh, untainted air. And the fact that it’s just around the corner from the East Palo Alto ghetto is crazy!

The Monte Bello Open Space Reserve is literally a bunch of open space with beautiful green sweeping vista views. Glad I went, and this fulfills my New Years goal to do something outdoorsy once a month (for February… I’m trying to keep this up all year long).

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