Does the plate ever empty?

A couple Fridays ago, I went to the dentist to get 3 more cavities filled–in total i had 6 freakin cavities, but that’s a whole ‘nother story that I don’t want to go into and all I have to say is that I don’t sleep with sugar in my mouth, I promise. But I digress.

Anyway, at 6:00 pm after my dentist appointment in Mountain View, I decided to go back to work in East Palo Alto because 1) I was woozy from the anesthesia so I didn’t want to drive all the way back to San Francisco just yet and 2) I had some more work to do. As I was sitting there, staring blankly at my computer monitor, Bret (also at work late on a Friday), our Lead Entrepreneurs 1 teacher, comes into my room, gives me a knowing look and asks, “What are you doing back here?”

Me: “I decided to come back to finish up some work.”
Bret: “Does the work ever decrease?”
Me: “No.”
Bret: “Will the work still be there on Monday?”
Me: “Yes.”
Bret: “There will always be work. Go home.”
Me: “You’re right.”

And he’s right. There will always be work to do. The plate is never unfull.

And my CEO, Suzanne, the other day wisely told me that if all I’m doing is trying to catch up with all the work, then I’ll just be playing catch-up the whole time. You have to schedule the priorities.

Time is important.


A bonus picture of one of my students, Rochelle, pretending to be productive in my office.

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